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Total amount of donations: $15,000
Total $1,440
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Endless adventures in the Galaxy Arena metaverse

Whatever you seek, you will find in Galaxy Arena . Boasting three behemoth sectors, each one more impressive than the other.

Sector 1 – The Galaxy Arena entertainment venue

Opening its doors in May of 2022, the alpha version of the arena will be available for the first metaverse pioneers to explore. The exterior, seating and ring areas will become the first sections available to tour, the heart of Galaxy Arena . Here, use of volumetric video capture technology, live streaming of fights or any type of events will be made possible.
Watch your favourite events from unobstructed angles, without the hustle of waiting in long lines or fearing cancellation due to strict safety measures. Galaxy Arena offers reduced ticket prices and essentially zero travel time as virtual events become the norm.

Sector 2 – The Galaxy Arena gym

Galaxy Arena is transforming traditional home workouts.. By putting our own twist on the “play-to-earn” model, we have come up with a new system we call “TRAIN-TO-EARN”.
Financial incentives make rewards that much sweeter, so what better way to motivate people to work out than turning fitness into a game where you can earn money. Our state-of-the-art gym offers an array of health and fitness challenges incorporated into mini games, that will give you the ability to exercise and earn ESSENCE ($ESNC).
Are you ready to get paid and stay fit? Gym doors open July 2022!

Sector 3 – Galaxy Tower

Standing alongside the arena and the gym, the Galaxy Tower is a marvel on its own. While the top floor is reserved for our Celestial Casino, the rest of the tower will include a collection of 20,000 unique NFT units, divided into luxury suites, rooms and lounge areas. Each of these areas will be uniquely designed by our creative team, who will create each room with one-of-a-kind designs and exclusive furniture pieces in line with its respective use cases.

Stay tuned for official updates on the Galaxy Tower grand opening.

Galaxy Arena

Galaxy Arena

Fortune. Glory. Adventure.


The Future Has Arrived

The metaverse is a new way to experience life online parallel to the physical world. Galaxy Arena is poised to become the premium destination for entertainment experiences like concerts, fighting events, e-commerce, e-sports, health & fitness, unique VR experiences and much much more. Here, you can watch live events broadcast straight from earth to the arena, train-to-earn or own a piece of digital real estate within the Galaxy Tower.

Supported by Global Partners

Planet-Sized Partnerships

Galaxy Arena has partnered with Coinbound, The Crypto Marketing Agency, Arloopa Inc and X-TECH.

Notable Coinbound companies include: eToro, Metamask, Cosmos, Nexo, Voyager, ShapeShift, okcoin, CryptoDaily, Gods Unchained, Prime XBT, Stake, and BlockCard.

Arloopa Inc has developed apps for notable companies like Coca-Cola, Cosmopolitan Armenia, Brussels Airlines, and others. Arloopa Inc works hand-in-hand with X-TECH to deliver innovative AR and VR storytelling for Galaxy Arena fans, bringing the magic of the metaverse into the real world for upcoming Easter Egg hunts worldwide.

X-TECH has developed apps and interactive storytelling experiences for some of the most innovative companies including Pepsi, Thrifty Car Rentals, American Express, and others. To date, it’s developed over 200 websites, 16 games, 24 mobile apps, and 12 kinetic-based games pushing the boundaries of how technology and media can reinvent the digital landscape and gameify brands.

Star Map

Space is impossible to navigate without plotting a course.
That’s why we’ve crafted the timeline below to detail our funding and development goals:

  • Q1.2022 (Jan-Mar):

    • Website launch.
    • Organic community growth.
    • Ambassador acceptance (fighters/influencers/businesses).
    • Marketing push.
    • Airdrops and giveaways.
    • Private sale goes live.

  • Q2.2022 (April-June):

    • Arena doors open for limited exploration in the alpha phase.
    • Implementation of FIAT to ESSENCE on ramp solution.
    • Metaverse mini-games launch, available for the community.
    • First metaverse event aired.
    • Expansion of Galaxy Arena team.
    • Pre sale 1
    • Pre sale 2
    • Website V2.
    • List to major centralized exchanges.
    • Continued pursuit of partnerships with artists and influencers.
    • International communities targeted for growth.

  • Q3.2022 (July-Sept)

    • Publish the 3-year plan to scale to 100M users.
    • Further CeX listings.
    • NFT sales begin.
    • Expand global presence and awareness.
    • Publish 2023 roadmap.
    • Metaverse Expansion II.
    • Presence at gaming conferences and expositions.
    • Blockchain meetup.
    • Community takes over governance.
    • Aquarium, Casino, and Zoo open for exploration.
    • Battles begin.

Galaxy Arena Team

Meet the engineers and dreamers who make Galaxy Arena possible,
one airlock at a time:

Chris Maalouf

Co Founder

Fotios Vanas

Chief Operating Officer

Arman Atoyan


Khaled Nour


Christine Wolfl

Director, Marketing and Strategic Partnerships

Ari Last


Amy Suto

Creative Director, Writer


Video & Music Director

Daniel Gretzke

Block Chain Developer

Mike Holston

Affiliate, Fighter

Xavier “Breadman” Alaoui

World champion MMA expert


Creative consultant, game theory, UX

Jesto J

3D Game Artist

Nowhere to Go But Up

According to Bloomberg, metaverses will be an 800 billion dollar industry by 2024. Similarly, NFT transactions have risen from 15 million in 2018 to 325 million in 2021 and are on-trend to continue exploding as blockchain digital assets become more common place.

With the VR headset sales expected to triple by 2024, shifting the future of workplaces, live events, education and other in-person interactions online, it’s a matter of time before digital life occupies a higher percentage of the average persons day.

With the top 10 metaverse projects claiming less than 2% of the total crypto market cap, galaxy arena has huge room for growth.

We aim to become the go to destination for live streaming events, online esports, e-commerce, fitness training and health.

Ready to see what’s beyond Earth?

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Email: Admin@galaxyarena.io
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